The eyes are usually one of the first things people see from you, and they are an important aspect of your overall appearance. The young eyelid is soft, but over time the eyelid skin stretches, leaving pockets of fat, and the muscles around the eyes get weakened. Gravity, age, heredity and sun exposure are factors that contribute to these conditions.

Drooping eyelids and bags make you look tired or older. When the eyebrow also droops, it causes more skin over the eyes, giving a sad, tired or angry appearance. When this is severe, redundant skin may fall on eyelashes and obstruct peripheral vision.

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What is blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty surgery is offered to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Its goal is to give a more youthful appearance by removing excess skin, fat and weakened muscle to the upper or lower eyelids. If excess skin obstructs the peripheral vision, blepharoplasty can remove the obstruction and improve the visual field. The excess skin can be removed through an incision that is hidden in the natural crease of the eyelid. If the lid is clogging vision, muscle lifting may be involved in the same procedure. The incision is closed with fine sutures that your surgeon will remove a few days later. The fat that goes through the lower lid can be removed by a hidden incision on the inner surface of the eyelid (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). If there is excess skin in the lower eyelid, the incision can be made just below the lashes.

What is the brow-lift?

If the eyebrow is also drooping causing further excess skin in the upper eyelid a brow lift may be performed along with blepharoplasty. Correction of this situation can be performed through the same incision. Your surgeon will take the tissue of the eyebrow and lash it to the brow bone with special points.

What happens after eyelid surgery?

Your surgeon will tell you to use cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising formation. He or she may prescribe topical or oral antibiotics. Any strenuous activity should be minimized for several days. Pain medications, such as ibuprofen, should be used for a few days after surgery. Most patients return to normal activities after several days of rest, once the doctor has removed the sutures.

What are the risks and complications of eyelid surgery?

The formation of bruising and swelling of the treaded eyelids is expected, this should resolve in one to two weeks depending on each patient. Bleeding and infections are risks of any surgery; however they are not frequent in this type of surgery.


Length of stay at the hospital: Procedure performed as outpatient. No hospitalization required.
Average stay in Guatemala: 2-7 days for surgery in both eyes. Patients can generally fly soon after surgery.
Anesthesia: Generally performed with local anesthesia.
Duration of procedure: The surgery usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete.
Other recommendations: Travel with a companion.