For over twenty-five years, Visión Integral has provided ophthalmological services with first class customer service, last generation technology, high experience, and professionalism from our specialized medical staff.

We pride ourselves for having a highly qualified ophthalmological team graduated from local and international universities, and several years of medical and surgical experience. All the member of our medical team have sub-specialties and are constantly on the lookout for the latest ophthalmological updates to employ new diagnostic and surgical techniques that guarantee an excellent eye-care service.

Since 1988, we have taken care of over 100,000 satisfied patients and we have performed more than 10,000 major surgical procedures.

Our clinic is located in Guatemala City, in zone 9, one of the most easy-access-centric zones. It is close to several hotels, restaurants and touristic hot-spots. We have a spacious building with nine fully equiped clinics, four operating rooms, private parking and security.

The high standard and quality of our treatments have enabled us to become the major reference for ophthalmology in Guatemala and throughout the Central American region.

We treat EXPAT patients from the United States, Canada, and Europe.

We work alongside prestigious institutions and brands.
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